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Dating is hard enough, finding one shouldn’t be!

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How we're different.

Background Checking

We do background checks. Those with a history of stalking, abusive behavior, or harassment won't qualify.

Anti-Cat Fishing

We verify social media profile picture's to ensure you're a real person, and not using your HS yearbook photo!

Human Interaction

We use real humans to help assist you because we believe no one knows emotions & relationships quite like other humans. We most certainly know better than any A.I. or algorithm

Get to Dating Quicker

We offer in-app Social Feature, to help you date quicker! No more messaging 10-20+ connections to let them know you're free this weekend!


We will offer a low introductory cost to the New England market for $15/mo. Despite not being free, ultimately this will result in a better experience for you!

Restricting Membership

Restricting membership will result in a much more enjoyable experience for you - the person who is tired of wasting time and money dating.

Interested in helping us Beta Test New Versions or Looking to join the Company?

Interested in joining our closed group of testers or want to be the first to know about Job offerings and other freelance Gigs from Love The Network? Join other closed testers and company team members in our closed company Facebook group.